Monday, April 14, 2003

Well, no one's posting here. Why do some blogs work, and others don't? I ask you.

I'm feeling depressed about the war, about poverty, about the state of our country. What is to become of us?

Ravenous about news about Iraq. Things keep going through my head. Statements the boy made to me way back when. "Do you know what is Ba'ath Party?" Me, stupid me. Sure didn't. At least I knew where Iraq was on a map, and that it's capital was Baghdad. More than most American college students could say.

I was thinking that recently. How they laughed at me, stupid American girl. Didn't know where Basra or Tikrit was. Didn't even know that Iran was fighting Iraq. Naive, stupid girl.

At least, back then, I knew that Iraq had a long illustrious history, that the Arabian Nights took place in Baghdad, and that it used to be a place of magic. Not a place of fear and torture and death.

And where is he now? My sweet-faced Iraqi boy? I can only wonder. And pray for him.

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