Friday, February 20, 2009

The Ills of Detroit

OK, someone asked me to comment on this subject, so here goes.

Like most ex-Detroiters, it's not a blanket thing for me. I can't write about the stuff I hate without also writing about the stuff I love and vice versa. It's a complex passion. After all, the city of my birth gave me a heart that beats with the music of Motown and Iggy Pop. But then, it also gave me the Joe Lewis fist. It's like that.


Reasons Why I Left Detroit
Joe Lewis Fist
No Hudsons
No Stroh's Brewery
No Tiger Stadium
Poletown leveled for a Cadillac plant, later left vacant
Everyone movin to the suburbs
Vacant houses
the "People Mover"
the great architecture left vacant
Windsor doesn't let girls in strip clubs, the bastards
the series of bad mayors

Reasons I Love Detroit
the Fisher Building
the great architecture
Attic Theatre
the bridge and the tunnel
the Tigers!
the Red Wings!
it's home.

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