Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why Comedy Podcasts Are Really Booming. And MSM just doesn't get it.

Oh Mainstream Media (MSM) how we love you! And how you get it so very wrong sometimes.

Assumptions people make. Like that everyone works 9-5. In this day and age, it's simply not true. All types of people work all kinds of shifts, in every part of the country.

Read an article in the latest Entertainment Weekly (an article not on their website, btw): MSM: FAIL. about the growth in "comedy podcasts." Specifically featuring one of its biggest success stories: Marc Maron, and his "comedy podcast" known as "WTF!"

Here is the error in EW's logic: that only "comedy afficionados" are seeking out this podcast. That people are flocking to it because comedians are largely the ones being interviewed. Those comedy afficionados number 400,000 strong PER WEEK. Really, EW?

This logic didn't seem just slightly flawed to you?

Here, sad MSM, let's reframe the reality for you a bit.

Podcasts, comedy and otherwise, have been growing steadily since they surged on the scene in about 2005. There are THOUSANDS of them. Many video, most are audio.

Now it is true that some people known for being funny (Marc Maron, Kevin Pollak, Chris Hardwick, among others) have created some great podcasts that are worth listening to. But it's not because of the funniness, or the "comedy" aspect.

Here is the draw of audio podcasts, all of them: they remove the bullshit that MSM throws at us.

WTF! with Marc Maron is mostly phenomenally successful because he has an engaging personality, yes, but because he's having a conversation, no holds barred, with people you don't usually hear from. It's honest, it's open, it's REAL. That's why people are flocking to podcasts. More than any other reason.

EW, thick in its MSM morass and myopia, doesn't get that fundamental thing. They are compelling, in the way that honesty is. Refreshing to hear people talking about things they don't normally talk about: Drew Carey on The Nerdist podcast, chatting about his avatar in Second Life; Paget Brewster on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show about how she and Jon Hamm used to be known as "pilot killers"; and Louis CK on "WTF" somewhat chatting about comedy, but mostly "repairing a friendship."

It's much more listenable than any reality show. It's really truly real.

If you haven't listened, what are you waiting for? Get on that!

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