Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Top Twelve Things About the London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

12. The Olympic rings are forged during the Industrial Revolution, with smokestacks coming out of the ground.

11. A pastoral English countryside. No, really.

10. Team GB enters to the strains of David Bowie's "Heroes," and dances down the walkway amid blinding streams of confetti.

9. The fireworks! My gosh. Never better anywhere. With or without a strange UFO, depending on whom you talk to.

8. The Queen, her Corgis and James Bond. Jumping out of a helicopter. Wonderful.

7. The music of Britain. The whole sequence, so wonderful. Go watch it again.

6. Mary Poppins en masse vs. Voldemort

5. The torch, as everyone comes together as one. Glorious and beautiful.

4. The Sex Pistols get their chance to play before the Queen. Now only if they'd cut to a reaction shot of her face, it would've been perfect. Pogoing punk-haired, leather jacketed Sex Pistol dolls will forever resonate in my memory. Ending with the Peace sign. We Care / We Don't Care. Brilliant. (Also cut on NBC.)

3. The creator of this heartfelt poem to Britain, Danny Boyle, who deserves many kudos for his incredible, multi-layered pageantry.

2. The tribute to the terror victims of 7/7, as sharply resonant in Britain as 9/11 was here in America. Sadly NBC cut this whole segment.

And the number one best thing about the London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremonies was:

1. "This Is For Everyone." Not only in that moment, as Tim Berners-Lee, the man who gave us the Internet, was typing a Tweet on a NEXT machine (thank you, Steve Jobs) the words, as the entire world responded back over the World Wide Web. But also the more profound resonance, as countries everywhere are trying to censor Internet access. No. No thank you, THIS IS FOR EVERYONE, says its creator.


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