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DWTS Week 8: Delightful and Dastardly Duos

Lea and Artem doing Bonnie and Clyde. Courtesy of ABC.
This week at Dancing with the Stars, it was Duos Week, meaning famous duos from history...or TV...or the Bible, or wherever we decided to pull them from... In some cases, this worked, in others, it didn't.

I'm sitting here now, trying to think about whether Lea would be going further if she had a different partner. If she were paired up with Mark or Derek or Val (I honestly think she would be going further in this competition). Cause the thing is: Lea Thompson is a star. Artem (insert long Russian name here) is not. He THINKS he is, but he is not. Stardom is earned. You don't just get it because you become a pro.

And most of their missteps this season have, frankly, to do with his ego being too big, and not nurturing Lea, who is truly the star. Derek Hough, who is truly THE star of this show, knows that you have to step back and let the other person shine, especially if they really need to. Witness his season with Amber Riley. That girl would NOT be held back, and their best routines were where Derek just let her go to town. And that's why they won. Derek was no less a star, he was just being the professional that this show requires, and I don't think Artem has learned that yet.

Allison seemed to struggle with that concept this season, too.

Lea was rocking her best Faye Dunaway in this number. And I'm struggling to pinpoint why it wasn't a better routine. The judges basically said the same thing.

Here's the thing: Lea COULD, at this point, really turn it around, and rock her way to the end, or she could be leaving soon. It really depends on her. The judges said as much too.

But contrast what she and Artem are doing with what Witney and Alfonso are doing. Alfonso proved Week 1 that he could win this thing. He and Witney were Batman and Robin, and they danced to Prince. Great song, great costumes and makeup, great presentation. They have everything to win.

Alfonso and Witney as Batman and Robin.
And for something completely different, but also with a winning demeanor, how about Janel and Val? They chose Romeo and Juliet this week, and it was stunning. Contemporary, which is an acquired taste, but it scored perfectly with the judges, and was beautiful to watch.

Janel and Val do Romeo and Juliet. Courtesy of ABC.
Val's choreography takes my breath away, every single week. This was no exception. Wow.

Then we had the costume malfunctions. Michael and Emma are planning costumes for their duo, Tarzan and Jane. As Michael examines all the various incarnations of Tarzan over the years, he notes (correctly): "They are all wearing loincloths." Yup. That's pretty much Tarzan. So what is he wearing onstage? A cowboy outfit, with some kind of weird loincloth thing over it. :-/

Same with super-conservative Sadie. Her and Mark are doing the Adam and Eve story from the Bible (more on that in a minute). She mentions in the package that she'd be "uncomfortable" with Mark doing body paint, and going shirtless. So they have these costumes... sigh...

Sadie and Mark doing Adam and Eve. 
I mean, LOOK AT THAT. *EYEROLL* Is no one going to point out to them that in the moments BEFORE taking a bite of that apple, Adam and Eve are blissfully naked, ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE? It is once they take that bite that shame and modesty comes about.

But we will ignore all that, since she is a young conservative kid, and don't want her to feel uncomfortable even though (for me) it detracted from the dance.

However, the dance, as with all of Mark Ballas' creations this season, was blissful.

Sadie and Mark as Adam and Eve.
I just love watching his dances so much. And BC Jean's wonderful, beautiful singing just added to the magic of this dance.

But enough with the serious and contemplative. How about some FUN?

Bethany and Derek chose Lucy and Ricky, and their dance was just wondrous.

Bethany and Derek do Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Courtesy of ABC.
Bethany is just great to watch. This salsa was a lot of fun.

Tommy and Peta were Johnny and June Carter Cash, also a lot of fun, but expect him to go home next.

1. Derek and Bethany (Ricky and Lucy)
2. Mark and Sadie (Adam and Eve)
3. Val and Janel (Romeo and Juliet)
4. Alfonso and Witney (Batman and Robin)
5. Lea and Artem (Bonnie and Clyde)

1. Bethany and Derek
2. Mark and Sadie
3. Val and Janel
4. Alfonso and Witney

Lea and Artem

Tommy and Peta

NEXT WEEK: Trios Week!


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