Thursday, November 12, 2009

Are We Addicted To Giving Our Own Opinions

Are We Addicted To Giving Our Own Opinions

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  1. First, I must comment on the headline: We are Addicted...

    I realize that people just throw terms like that around, but let me just clarify. Addicts are very shut-down people, they never comment on anything, except getting their next drink or drug. A recovering addict (ie, the one who is healthy) is the one who opens up enough to share his/her thoughts and feelings and ideas. So it's a bad choice of terms in a headline, and inaccurate.

    But to the larger point: are we better people and is society at large served by everyone commenting everywhere? In a word yes. In a bigger word: that is what the revolution is really all about.

    Big media has been telling us what we think for eons. They have been force feeding us the stories they think we want, the music they think we like in the mind-numbing rotation they think is necessary for decades.

    And now we get to say: Hey, big radio, I actually prefer to only hear a song ONCE A WEEK, thank you very much. And I want to go to my to hear everything from Ella Fitzgerald to Supertramp in one day. Cause that's how I listen to music in reality.

    Big media needs this wakeup call. They still think they are the guardians of our souls, and frankly, they are not.

    So, yes, I wanna hear what every last person out there thinks about everything, because that's what keeps it real. That's how we REALLY know the pulse of the country and the world.

    Social media has already shown us that the people at large are a lot further along (technologically, spiritually, emotionally) than most Big Media would have you believe. Pushing that growth and exploration further can only be a good thing.

    Get rid of PeopleMeters that can be gamed, and ratings that can be fudged, and have everyone everywhere tell us what they are watching, listening to, reading, etc. I cannot get enough of the truth that is now out there.

    And also, I believe that the commenting and freedom that it has all given us has also inspired people who wouldn't normally become creators themselves. So while there may be many more critics, there are also many more creators. That is helping the world immensely. Immensely.


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