Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Google Messes Things Up Good

Here is the original link which prompted this story:


I don't know if you go searching through music lyrics the way I do (I use Google to search a music lyric at least every day, and usually multiple times in a day). What is it I prefer to get in my search? First, a lyric that has the right words, that's key.

But after that, all I want to do is go there, copy the lyric and post it in whatever it is I'm working on. Simple cut and paste. I don't sell it or repurpose it or do anything nefarious with it.

Increasingly (I've been doing this for at least five years now with regularlity), I find websites that will show you the lyrics, but they have something blocking the text so that you can't copy it (ie, it's useless to me). metrolyrics.com is one example. I used them all the time before. Now they are one of my last choices. So that was annoying.

Then, they increasingly started, more and more putting ads on the pages. Also annoying, but you could ignore them. Until the ads started having music videos in them, which started playing when you opened the page. Beyond annoying.

I want a simple experience: lyrics, copy, paste, done. No ads, no frills, no frou-frou nonsense. Don't want links to an artist's page (though if that helps me get truer lyrics, that's great). But I'm not looking to buy their music. I have other venues for that if I want to do that. All I want is bloody lyrics. That's all.

And I have noticed what this article talks about. First, it was things like last dot fm and Rhapsody creeping in. Sure you might be able to eventually get to the lyrics, but you have to subscribe and listen to the record first. Um, no.

There already were sites that I avoided because they were full of popups and did crazy things to my browser, even crashing it. I would learn to go only to the reliable sites (lyricstime dot com and sing365 are still pretty good) for that purpose. But increasingly, the wholle first page or even couple pages of searches are full of CRAP. Amazon and other music sites. All I want is LYRICS.

Do you get this people? If I don't get that, I go somewhere else for it. I don't wade through ads, or buy stuff just cause it's there. I go somewhere where my experience is hassle-free. Google really needs to learn this. And ESPECIALLY if none of the monies made here are going to the artist anyway. Can someone just do a lyrics site that doesn't bombard you with crap?

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