Friday, September 10, 2010

NBC: Chase

I really don't know how I made it through this nightlong slog.

Next up, NBC's "Chase."

Kinda sorta like "The Fugitive" meets TV procedural. We have our crack staff of good guys, US marshalls, who go about rounding up bad guys that others have trouble catching. Person X is wanted at the beginning of the show. They keep missing him (or her, at some point, I imagine) through the whole show. Chasing, chasing. Guess what? At the end of the show, bad guy/girl is apprehended. YAWN.

Of the four NBC shows that Paley Center was showing, I hated them all. I hated "Chase" the most, though. The lead, thankfully, is a woman. She lets you know right away that her daddy done her wrong, and that's why she's now in this thankless business she's in.

She can hogtie a bad guy in seconds flat, even a really nasty one. She can fight with some moves underwater that guys don't have on land. Yep. She does it all. And she sings a good Waylon Jennings song.

She's also joined by a crack staff (of course). Jesse Metcalfe (whom I never really liked, but at least was more interesting on "Desperate Housewives," where he was taking off his shirt constantly) is out of his league here.

The violence is brutal and graphic. The bad guy they were chasing at least had nice blue eyes. His acting was actually more memorable than most of the regulars in this show. Which is too bad, because he's been chased down. It's on to a new perp next episode.

BOTTOM LINE: If every episode is about these people chasing one guy who eludes them, and he's caught at the end, this is not a show I'll be watching. Yawn.


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