Friday, September 10, 2010

NBC: Undercovers

Last and certainly not least, we have NBC's "Undercovers."

Here's the logline: "Alias," but with a couple. A sexy black couple.

That's really all you need to know. They used to be spies, but they quit. They are lured back to rescue a friend. And oh, they discover that they really liked all that spy stuff, so they get pulled back in. But is everyone really who they say they are?

And they have the wacky friend who's helping them, decoding things, and making sure they have planes and cover stories. (I so do miss Kevin Weisman in those moments.) This new guy is no Kevin Weisman.

Ah, but if you loved Alias and miss it, this may get you all warm and fuzzy all over. After all, JJ Abrams wrote this pilot and produced the show.

They have spies in great outfits, hopping all over the globe. (Or what passes for all over the globe, with fancy Photoshopping.) Leads who spew off great accents and languages on a moment's notice. And who (both man and woman) take their clothes off, to showcase great bodies.

"Under covers" (as in bed, get it?) and spies "under covers." (Get it?) *eyeroll*

Sure, if you like that sort of thing, you'll like this show. I give it the longest shelf life of the four for those reasons. There are some hardcore Alias fans out there.

My friend, however, summed up my feelings for it, as we entered the car. "At least there's no Rambaldi," he said.

"Yet," I said.

BOTTOM LINE: Alias with a couple does have a lot of advantages. But no Kevin Weisman.


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