Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Miche's Emmy Wrap-Up

Breaking Bad FINALLY wins Best Drama Series

Anna Gunn finally wins an Emmy for her work on Breaking Bad

The stunning "Q&A" (Homeland) won for Best Writing for a Drama Series, even though its writer had died this year :-(

Derek Hough, one of the best choreographers in the universe, winning an Emmy for three mind-blowing amazing dances that he choreographed

The fact that they chose to show Best Choreography as part of the main ceremony

Bob Newhart finally wins an Emmy after 51 years in TV

The fabulous Carrie Preston won for her work on The Good Wife

Claire Danes won again

A woman director wins for Direction of a Comedy

Jim Parsons and Bob Newhart on a stage together

The London Olympics won for Best Art Direction

Melissa Leo wins for a role in Louie that I hear is pretty scary

Breaking Bad's "Gliding Over All" wins for Best Editing

Game of Thrones wins for VFX

Tony Hale, thanking his theatre roots

Edie Falco, talking about James Gandolfini

Rob Reiner, talking about Jean Stapleton

All the other people who died this year

I Didn't Watch, So I Have No Opinion
Veep and its winners

Nurse Jackie and its winners

All the Behind the Candelabra wins (11 out of 13)

Jeff Daniels beats out Bryan Cranston? and Damien Lewis? and Kevin Spacey? This, I gotta see. (Didn't pick it cause I'm behind on The Newsroom. Oops.)

The OK
Modern Family wins again

Someone other than the Modern Family nominees wins Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy

David Fincher wins for directing the first episode of House of Cards

Colbert Report switches with the always-winning Daily Show

Someone else beats always-winning The Amazing Race

None of the amazing males from Breaking Bad won for their incredible work this year

Jokes about sister acts and ping pong balls? Um, really? :-0

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