Sunday, March 29, 2015

DWTS Season 20 Week 2: Art Rises Above the Dreck

Willow and Mark go the artistic route. Photo Courtesy of ABC7.
The beginning of any Dancing with the Stars season is an interesting one. You have some pros COUGHDerekHoughCOUGH who could basically just mark time at this point (Week 2). You know they are going forward. It's not a question. Others... can barely put a dance together and are really struggling on their feet.

But after all this time (Season 20 now), some of these pros have developed their winning strategy. However, if you're just watching, there is so much flying by (12 contestants dancing), that it's easy to miss some stuff.

So I'm asking you to take a deep breath. Pause a moment, let all the hoopla of Week 2 subside. And let's look at some of the jewels we've uncovered here.

Not much is being made (so far) of the challenge that Mark Ballas has taken on with a 14-year-old partner. There was a lot of hoopla about past partners not having any sexual experience, and how can they do these sexual dances, blah blah. Not a peep has been made of that regarding Willow (yet).

And here we have them doing an Argentine tango (what?!) in Week 2, which is normally one of the most sexual dances. And it wasn't at all, and it was stunningly beautiful. In fact, it was a work of art.

Bruno commented that Willow (and Mark) could win this thing. Yes, they could. This performance was just stunning.

Val C and Rumer Willis dance to "Rumour Has It." Courtesy of ABC7.
My favorite performance (once again), though was the masterwork of Val Chmerkovskiy and Rumer Willis. Two weeks now, and knocking it out of the ballpark. And I would so like Val C to finally win a Mirror Ball. This could indeed be their year.

Allison and Riker foxtrot this week. Courtesy of ABC7.
Sure, it's easy for a rocker to portray a rocker in a dance, so maybe last week was a gimme to these two, Allison Holker and Riker Lynch. After all, this week is the foxtrot, which is all about staying in hold. Could they still hang in there? Oh yes, they could and they did. (And Allison's choreography is just so stunning!)

RedFoo and Emma. Courtesy of ABC7.
I wasn 't all that thrilled with RedFoo's performance last week. But this week, dancing to "My Sharona," how could anyone go wrong? I loved loved loved their performance. Sadly, though, they were voted out, based on last week's performance. Sad.

Sharna and Noah do a steamy samba. Courtesy of ABC7.
Sharna, to my eyes, is the sexiest of the female dancers, and she was turning up the steam this week. Great samba was performed. And the big reveal, which had been a secret to everyone was this:

Noah's wife, who had been on duty overseas, came home early and surprised him in the ballroom. It was really special.

Nastia and Derek. Courtesy of ABC7.
Derek Hough, as I said, can do no wrong. He's always going to be in the finalists somewhere. However, for me, this week was rough. Olympic athletes are pretty much conditioned to always smile during their routines. I think that's going to be one of the hardest things for Nastia (a struggle that also plagued Charlie White). They have serious songs, where they have to emote and show character, and it just comes out as smiles. So, for me, that's why I'd vote this dance lower than many of the others.

Peta and Michael. Courtesy of ABC7.
Peta and Michael danced to Motown, and really, how can you go wrong with that? Enjoyed it.

Robert and Kym, too, are such a joy to watch. Love their dances. Quite a lot of fun.

Then, we get into the "Oh, please go home already" category. Let's see, we have our illustrious Bachelor, who really has no rhythm and can't seem to deal with this "counting thing."

Previous champion Witney and Bachelor Chris. Courtesy of ABC7.

Suzanne and Tony? Ugh. Just eyerolls.

Patti LaBelle and Artem, same kind of thing, although I do give her props for doing the patented boob move (showing up that other celebrity whose only claim to fame is her boobs). That was fun to watch.

Charlotte, said celebrity, is not long for this DWTS dancing world.

Keo and Charlotte. Courtesy of ABC7.

1. Val and Rumer (cha cha)

2. Mark and Willow (Argentine Tango)

3. Allison and Riker (foxtrot)

4. Emma and RedFoo (cha cha)

5. Sharna and Noah (samba)

6. Derek and Nastia (samba)

7. Peta and Michael (foxtrot)

8. Kym and Robert


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