Monday, October 12, 2015

DWTS Season 21 Week 3: Time Traveling to TV

Dancing with the Stars Season 21, Week 3 fell about as flat as Bindi and Derek are in this picture. The theme, ostensibly, was TV Week, where couples danced to various TV themes. In some cases (Carlos and Witney), they were screamingly bad. In other cases, they were just Breaking Bad (Mark Ballas and Alexa PenaVega did the best of the night with a Breaking Bad homage).

Most shows picked were from the last century, and surely didn't do much to add more than Baby Boomers to this show's viewing audience. I Dream of Jeannie and Gilligan's Island? Really?

I mean, I understand that TV shows don't really have "themes" anymore like they used to, but that brings into question: Why do this at all? The whole concept really didn't work for me.

The couple "sent home" came from a bad circumstance, where Tony's partner suffered a minor stroke and had to be disqualified. And still, they put the couples through the red light paces at the end, and then a "Just Kidding!" Ugh.

You knew the evening was going to be yucky when it started with a Muppets suckup (a new Muppets show started on ABC last week). Hated that they tried to integrate it with this show. Really hated it.

Also REALLY hated the Carlos-Witney dance, where they were dancing to a Golden Girls theme, and inexplicably had them in aging makeup. Ugh. Awful. Hated it so much.

But there were other dances which were just sublime. I tried and tried to find a picture of the dance, but all I could find was this.

By far my favorite dance of the night, Mark Ballas let his genius and love for Breaking Bad show through with this innovative wonderful dance. Really superb.

Nick and Sharna, quickly becoming one of my favorite couples this season, did an amazing Downton Abbey homage. Mad props to the costuming department this season, who are just doing a superb job. Sharna's dress in this number was stunning.

As you can see, the search for good photos is abysmal. Ugh.
As much as I love Valentin's dancing (oh, and I do!), this Taymar woman is really irritating me. This week, she was all up in Val's face about how men shouldn't have all the power, and women should be in charge. They were dancing to MAD MEN, which takes place in the 60s (when, sorry, but women didn't HAVE the power). It was just beyond ridiculous. But they got a pretty cool tango out of the Mad Men theme anyway.

Alek and Lindsay danced to the True Blood theme. Very sexy.

I will spare you the ridiculousness of Hayes and Emma's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Paula and Louis' Gilligan's Island. Paula arguing that she didn't want to be Mrs. Howell because she's "really Marianne." *eyeroll* Yeah, ok.

And then there was this.

Ugh. I'll just leave that alone.

1. Gary and Anna
2. Paula and Louis
3. Hayes and Emma
4. Carlos and Witney

Allison Holker and Andy Grammar did American Bandstand
TV Themes Week: the Best Dances
1. Mark and Alexa (Breaking Bad)
2. Nick and Sharna (Downton Abbey)
3. Val and Taymar (Mad Men)
4. Alek and Lindsay (True Blood)
5. Allison and Andy (American Bandstand)

Trapped in a fifty-year-old TV, just like this episode of DWTS.


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