Monday, October 19, 2015

DWTS Season 21 Week 4: My Favorite Year, Some Sadness, Some Star Power

Dancing with the Stars, Season 21, Week 4 was all about "My Favorite Year." Sometimes, this week can be tiresome ("the year I finally booked that movie/TV show/whatever"). Yawn. In the best of times, this week can leave us sobbing through every number. Season 21's version of it was somewhere in the middle. There were some sobs, not a lot. There was some major hotness (see above), not a lot.

There was some great dancing. But the emotional fireworks was more profuse in years past. In fact, some of the biggest/most emotional news happened off the dance floor (when Allison announced that she's pregnant).

(PS--Doesn't Erin just look so hot with the shorter hair? Or maybe it's the dress...)

For me personally, the years which fall flat are the ones that focus on the star themselves (I got a hit record, I booked a TV show, whatever). The ones that resonate are ones that involve other people. There were two big ones like that this season.

You pretty much just say the words, "Bindi Irwin and her dad," and I'm already tearing up. I think a lot of America, if not the world, feels that way, too. So it's no surprise that the contemporary dance Bindi dedicated to her dad, Steve Irwin, who was taken from us (and her) too soon, left few dry eyes in the house.

Bindi talked in the package about how she remembers holding her dad's finger, and Derek (of course) worked that into the dance.

It was just a beautiful dance. Very moving.

Involving people in a different way was Alek. He became known to most of us by stopping some crazed terrorist on a train in France. This week, his college campus was shot up by a madman. He visited there, and dedicated this dance to them. (And good grief, what else is going to happen to him this year yet?)

Alek and Lindsay did a stunning paso doble. (Also really great costumes in this dance.)

Both Nick and Andy focused on more of their own career fame, Nick to better effect. As the picture above (and below) shows, being a Backstreet Boy was a pretty big deal. Dancing to "Backstreet's Back," with most of the Boys in the audience, was pretty amazing. And Miss Sharna looked hella sexy. Here's a sexy Australian dancer dancing a Backstreet song with a Backstreet Boy. It almost doesn't get any better than that.

My problem in this week is that I really love love love watching both Valentin and Allison, but their partners are both starting to bug me.

Both of them (Valentin and Allison), I just can't get enough of. I love watching them dance. They are in top form, and just brilliant to watch. But this woman Taymar just bugs the crap out of me.

When the person's significant other is somewhere on stage (playing a song they cowrote or whatever), it always ends badly. The star dancer always loses focus with their dance partner, to focus on their real partner. So this week's dance just overall didn't work for me, despite Valentin being a stone fox and a superb dancer.

Andy Grammar is hot on Taymar's heels, IMHO. Also, when people dance to their own songs it bugs me. Especially if their songs aren't very good. So ugh.

Back in the top of the pack, I also love everything Mark Ballas does, and his partner is fast becoming one of my faves on this season's shows. They can do no wrong with me.

Also, Mark (thankfully) still gives us a complete concept and execution. There's a story there, there's a dance which means something. It was just wonderful to watch.

Hayes and Emma are really fun, and still a couple to watch. Their contemporary dance was a lot of fun, and well choreographed.

Carlos and Witney danced to Amazing Grace (always dicey), and while his story was very moving, the whole piece didn't work for me.

Miche Favorites for Week 4
1. Bindi and Derek
2. Sharna and Nick
3. Alek and Lindsay
4. Emma and Hayes
5. Mark and Alexa
6. Val and Taymar
7. Allison and Andy
8. Witney and Carlos

We won't even talk about Gary and Anna, I'm so done with them, and gladly, he was sent home this week. Anna, you deserve a medal, and I loved your dancing every week so far.

1. Paula and Louis
2. Andy and Allison
3. Taymar and Val
4. Carlos and Witney

And now, since the state of pictures is so dismal out there in the world (everyone is so about video these days), it takes weeks to get any decent ones. I purposely keep this column a week behind so I can get better photos for it.

So, I didn't have this/couldn't find this last week, the week this aired. But... you're welcome.

Oh man! Was that a great dance! The all-male pros was pretty awesome too.

Next week? The Switch-Up. We get back to being AWESOME!!!! (Our first all-10s of the season, and a HOT romance between dancers... oh yes!)


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