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DWTS S22 Week 3: Most Memorable Year Not Most Memorable Night

Mark Ballas and Paige Vanzant break ground in the paso doble arena.
As Carrie Ann stated it, "We need innovative ways to keep the show moving forward," about this paso doble by Mark Ballas and Paige. It was stunning. The camera work was incredible, and it was my favorite dance of the night, by miles.

But oh, let's back up, shall we? My Favorite Year has morphed into My Most Memorable Year, and it's usually a teary affair, dedicated to dead dads or lost loves. Not so much this year. Another common theme, is (essentially): This is the year I became a star (for whatever reason). We had a lot of that this year.

Valentin and Ginger kick it off with a contemporary dance meant to signify "Home." Val's choreography continues to stun, and even though I don't usually like the contemporary ones, the ones Val creates are stunningly beautiful with great lines.

It was a story about Ginger meeting her husband, getting married, having a child, etc. At the end, as Val and Ginger are waiting for their scores, Ginger's husband brings the little brat backstage. He's yowling. Tom Bergeron saves the day by saying, "Lemme tell ya. In 22 seasons, that's not the first crybaby we've had on the show." Which was especially funny considering that Ginger was dancing with Val. :-X (not meaning Val) #WeLoveYaMaks

There were a few tears with Doug Flutie's waltz with Karina. It was supposed to represent his father, who died, and his mother who kissed him at his casket and then died herself. It was very touching. Excellent choreography. Karina looked just like an angel.

I am just now realizing (after all these seasons) that the Memorable Year week serves an additional purpose. If you don't know who the heck these "stars" are, many of them use this year to remind you. Kim Fields, for example, started her career with a Mrs. Butterworth's ad, and then Facts of Life. God bless the set designers, who gave us this recreated Facts of Life set. And one of her cast members from that show was in the audience, looking a bit older.

But as to her foxtrot, it was OK. Nothing to write home about.

I'm not jazzed about Von and Witney as a couple, and contemporary doesn't do much for me, so let's just say the lifts were great, but... eh?

I really liked (and voted for) the couple of Tony and Marla. This jive was fun. But this is also the moment where (if people didn't already know), they found out that she was previously married to Donald Trump. I do have to wonder how it affects her scoring.

In the "I had a kid" moment, we had an interesting twist. Antonio Jr. danced with his dad and Sharna. The camerawork and concept were just stunning, and the foxtrot was pretty amazing, too. Sharna's choreography is just beautiful to watch. And the costumes, as you can see, are absolutely incredible.

I just adore Mark Ballas. And this was a stunning and amazing paso doble. It also told the story of Paige, getting into the UFC. It was just brilliant and I loved it so much.

Jodie Sweetin is one of the lights of this competition to me. I really look forward to her dances each week. Still not sure about the strength of Keo to go all the way in this, but Jodie seems to be down for that. Loved hearing her struggles with sobriety and the light that is now back in her eyes. This foxtrot was beautiful.

I'm going to omit the Mischa Barton dance with Artem. It, like all her other dances, was dreadful. Her package ("I thought you were going to take care of me") was snotty and entitled. I'll just cut to the chase and say she got eliminated, and THANK GOODNESS. Her "dancing" was awful.

There's always someone, some soldier or patriotic person who whips out the patriotism in My Favorite, sorry Memorable, Year. This year, it was Wanya and Lindsay, who danced a waltz to, no kidding, the National Anthem. Done a cappella by Boyz II Men. He is now on the verge of surpassing (this is two so far) a record for dancing to one's own music. Personally, I'd prefer it if he danced to other people's music from this point forward.

That said, this is still one of my favorite teams.

Peta and Nyle continue to astonish and amaze with this tango. Great dancing. Great choreography. (How does he do that?)

1. Mark and Paige (paso doble)
2. Peta and Nyle (tango)
3. Valentin and Ginger (contemporary)
4. Jodie and Keo (foxtrot)
5. Lindsay and Wanya (waltz)
6. Sharna and Antonio (and Antonio Jr.) (foxtrot)

Mischa Barton

(sorry Artem)

NEXT TO GO (no order)
Doug Flutie
Von Miller
Marla Maples
Kim Fields

The original DWTS judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Bruno Toniolli


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