Sunday, April 17, 2016

DWTS S22 Week 2: Not Very Sexy Latin Night

This, from the opening number of Week 2, choreographed by "the birthday girl, Mandy Moore." First, let's say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mandy Moore, and DWTS got infinitely better once you started choreographing so many of its numbers.

But, oh what to say about Week 2 on Dancing with the Stars, Latin Night? First, the good news. Geraldo Rivera is voted out. But second, there were really no steamy Latin dances tonight. But there were many good, even great ones. So, let's break it down in order.

This was the dance that made me sit up and go, "Wow! JODIE and Keo could win this!" What a luscious samba. And that gold! Both her outfit (stunning) and all the really cool gold paint on Keo, to say nothing of his hot pants... Wow, was this amazing to watch.

I quite like Marla Maples and Tony Dovolani as a team. But still, upon second viewing, she does seem a bit awkward and stiff. She hit all the standard Argentine tango moves, but it's a complicated dance, and it didn't flow from her. Still I liked them.

Then... UGH... then, we had this.

Ugh. In all the seasons I've been watching DWTS, I've never ONCE seen someone dressed up as someone else. This isn't SNL, for gosh sakes. So this moron decides to come out like this... UGH... and in his package, he talks about how he has "no feeling in his right foot." (Why do they let these idiots do DWTS? Plenty of people with complete feeling who wanna do this show... UGH.) Horrible dance.

So, personally, I couldn't get rid of him fast enough. Sheesh. (Poor Edyta.)

This, however, was followed by one of the best dances of the night, choreographed by the brilliant Mark Ballas. Sadly not danced by him, however. :-(  He had hurt his back in rehearsal, so Alan stepped in for him, and did an amazing job.

Mark Ballas always does amazing choreography. Week 2. Paige and Alan.

Boys just don't know what to do when they are forced to dance a rumba with the luscious and lovely Miss Sharna Burgess. Antonio Brown tried. He did.

And he danced the dance, but was often felled by what he tactfully called, "Blood flow." Blood flow, indeed.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here's Sasha dancing with curvy Kim Fields. I really enjoyed this dance, and watching these two in general.

Peta and Nyle tackle a rumba that Len thought was rushed, but Carrie Ann thought was "stunning."

Then, there was this dreadfulness. This woman may be beautiful, but she sure cannot dance. This song (Pata Pata) was one of the most danceable songs ever written, and she still seemed like she was walking through it. No musicality or sense of beat at all. Ugh. Who can't dance to Pata Pata? C'mon.

Mischa tries to explain the bad performance away by saying that she couldn't hear the music. And that when the live band played, "everything changed." Bruno: "So THAT's what happened..." Carrie Ann laughs and turns her head away.

Folks, it was terrible. No excuses.

The judges showed their 5 paddles again (for her and 4s for Geraldo) in response.

So there was the whole "Barbie drill sergeant" thing. And the whole "being late = $100" and the "I'm charging for farts" thing. Witney is gonna be a rich woman. (Witney is donating the money to the Skin Cancer Foundation.) Oh, and it's a "whole lot more expensive in the locker room." :-0  Things you don't know about football players... *sigh*

But it was more hip hop. Not my favorite dance of the night.

Wanya continues to show us why he's one of the top competitors in this competition (with Lindsay), knocking this salsa right out of the park. The costumes and camera angles really worked together with this one, showcasing every last movement. Great great stuff here.

Keep it going, Wanya!

Karina and Doug did an incredible paso doble. Strong dance, great music, wonderful costumes and lighting. Good stuff.

With Karina's great choreography, and the fabulous troupe dancers, Doug Flutie became a contender with this dance.


1. Wanya and Lindsay (salsa)
2. Paige and Alan (Mark) (salsa)
3. Jodie and Keo (samba)
4. Ginger and Val (samba)
5. Doug and Karina (paso doble)
6. Antonio and Sharna (rumba)
7. Marla and Tony (Argentine tango)
8. Kim and Sasha (salsa)

1. Geraldo Rivera's Elimination


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