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DWTS S022 Finals, Night Two: Peta Takes the Mirror Ball


This is the day when they bring back all (or most) of the competitors from the past season, to dance, or not. (Thank God they did away with the "Let them dance in order of their elimination" nonsense.) And we generally waste time until they get to who wins, at the end. So I'm gonna skip over all the dancers from the season who come back (Yawn!), and just write about the good stuff.

I love that they incorporate LA landmarks on the Finale, in this case, The Grove rooftop.

Fleur East dances on top of the Grove.
Then we had a clip montage of fun moments from the first three shows of the season. Then, this:

It was an encore from one of their most memorable dances from earlier in the season (I honestly can't tell if this pictures is from then or now, sorry.)

Filler filler filler, blah blah.

Then we have something we don't ever have: host Tom Bergeron going into the control room, to introduce Alex Rudzinski, the director since Day 1, who is leaving. (Which immediately makes me scared.)

Then Peta and Nyle recreate their very first dance. I remember liking it, back when I liked them. It was to that "Cake by the Ocean" song. Peta looks extremely hot.

Blooper reel. Fifth Harmony performs, with their dancers.

Then we go back to the Grove for the women dancers to dance to "I Ain't Your Mama."

Then Ginger and Val reprise their Argentine tango. Dear God, if her faces don't ruin this dance for me. Smiling! In an Argentine tango! Ugh. Thankfully, Val's stellar choreography takes some of that edge off.

Then, a recap of Disney night. Notable mostly for Kim Fields getting lipstick all over Bruno's expensive jacket, and for this.


Then, Latin night. The Switch-Up. Famous Dances night. Len's birthday.

Antonio and Sharna recreate their Aladdin dance from Disney night. *swoon* Shannon. So great.

Promo stuff for Maks and Val's upcoming summer tour.

Jodie and Keo recreate not their best number.

Then, a game show (actually pretty funny) "Are You Smarter Than a Dancer?" Um, Witney and Lindsay? Keep your day jobs.

Then back to the Grove while two dudes sing while Witney and Artem dance. Witney, who just got married IRL, is dressed as a bride.

Then, Wanya and Lindsay recreate their Charleston. I really wish they'd recreated the dance with the errant bandana, so we could see how it was supposed to be (cause that was an awesome dance). Ah well. This one was good too.

The dance they should've recreated.
The unfortunate thing about the Wanya-Lindsay quickstep, is that all the synchopation and moves only underscores how much THEY should be the third couple in the Finale, and not Peta and Nyle. *sigh*

More recaps. Weeks 7-9. Blah blah.

Then, we had this bit of deliciousness.

OH YEAH. Shirts open, by the end. *swoon*

Not to be outdone, we had some of the #DWTS women, dancing with Pitbull.

He also had some of his own dancers dancing. You can tell them because they have real boobs (not dancer's boobs).

Then, some footage of some cast members talking about the season. Geraldo Rivera talks about how he didn't realize "how arduous" it was going to be. NOTE TO STARS OUT THERE: This show is ARDUOUS. Don't fool yourself into thinking you can just breeze through it. It's tough, tough work.

Then, mercifully, they have all the bad dancers just mostly walk through a dance called "The Summer Thing," while the troupe danced around them. In moments like these, I am so very grateful for Jenna and Shannon being part of the troupe. We also got Sasha as a CRAB again!

Fun stuff. (And thank you for having Geraldo Rivera just sitting up there, pseudo lifeguard-ish.)

Then, FINALLY, the competition part. We get the requisite walk through the studio for the last time (where the photos are now, for the first time. I love that part.). And Ginger talking about how the experience was so much more than she ever expected.

This was supposed to be an Argentine Tango/foxtrot fusion. There was smiling throughout. Enough already. Val's choreography, of course, was stellar. (There was a bit of a mess up within.)

The best part about all this was in Bruno's comment, which was trying to be a compliment, he said, "You've transformed from a weather girl to a leading lady." Ginger snapped back, "Meteorologist." (Good for her!)

Val, perhaps knowing they were going to place third, or just acknowledging that it was their final dance, took a moment to look at the camera and wave to the fans. "Thank you very much," he mouthed. I really appreciate that about him.


So, in Nyle and Peta's package, they wisely didn't have him speak. Peta, instead, was crying and mentioning how much he's helped so many people this season. I'll just leave that without comment.

They had a tango/cha cha fusion. Carrie Ann was so moved that she signed her remarks to him. ("Thank you for showing us your heart, through dance.") This brought Nyle to tears. Len, not crying, said he doesn't do sympathy votes, but mentioned that Nyle does deserve to be there.


In a bit of foreshadowing, that I didn't realize was foreshadowing at the time, Mark muses about how "I grew up on this show. Never missed a season." (He competed for 20 seasons, and he's turning 30.) Paige, who never wanted to do lifts at the beginning, asks him to put in another lift. There is a tender moment about goodbyes that makes me teary. She ends with, "I'm gonna see you again." I hope that's true for the audience too (seeing HIM again on #DWTS).

It was a beautiful closing dance, a mixture of some of their best stuff. A jive/salsa fusion. Carrie Ann says that they "set the standard" this season. Len says, "If this was judged purely on dance, you're the one to beat." (Wait... it isn't?) Mark mentions how he added more hip action for Len (and he had).

JUDGES' SCORE: On Mark Ballas' 30th birthday, 30

Alo Black (sp?) sings while they show clips from the three finalists behind him.

They then announce that the third place finalists are Ginger and Val.

They announced that in their regular ballroom. But by the time they do the final announcement, they are back outside at the Grove. Let's not stall... here you go.

But really, it's...

Most of all, Happy 30th Birthday, and goodbye to Mark Ballas. I can't even imagine a #DWTS without you. Best of luck with whatever it is you are doing next. We were lucky to have you grace our TV screens for 20 seasons. (And personally, I believe you should've won this, Season 22.)


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