Monday, November 5, 2012

Top Stars in Bottom Three: WTF? WOW

Sabrina and Louis, Melissa and Tony and Apolo and Karina await their fate.

A real shocker that Sabrina and Louis, the top scorer according to the judges, goes home. Wow.

Here are my favorite dances of the week:

4. Melissa and Tony

Tony Dovolani and Melissa Rycroft start with a pensive moment. ABC/Adam Taylor

3. Peta and Gilles

Getting the sexy vote week after week.

Gilles and Peta bringing sexy back. ABC/Adam Taylor

2. Derek and Shawn

They are so much fun to watch every week.

Derek Hough: Hotness. Shawn Johnson: Fun.

But my favorite dance of the night was a moving tribute to those struggling with cancer.

1. Apolo and Karina

Karina and Apolo. ABC/Adam Taylor

Beautiful, and poignant. Sad and haunting. Karina's choreography stupendous. An amazing dance.


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