Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscars 2013

Argo.  Best Picture winner. Also won Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Editing.
Jennifer Lawrence's refreshing honesty
Daniel Day Lewis, first three-time Best Actor winner
Searching for Sugarman
Barbra Streisand, singing for her lost friend

Les Miserables. Won for Best Supporting Actress, Sound Mixing and Makeup and Hair.
Ben Affleck, thanking his wife
George and Grant, letting Ben talk
Dame Shirley Bassey
Michelle Obama gives away Best Picture
Adele winning an Oscar
Seeing the Les Mis cast all singing together again
Anna Karenina winning costumes
Pixar does it again!

Anne Hathaway,  Best Supporting Actress winner. She dreamed a dream.
Anne Hathaway's "It came true." (Lame)
Christoph Waltz
Adele's performance and the camera work on it

Seth McFarlane
You Showed Your Boobs
Kissing the Flying Nun in costume
Chris Brown joke
Lincoln-John Wilkes Booth joke
THAT was a Bond tribute? Where were the Bonds?
WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too many musical numbers
Chicago? Dreamgirls? HUH?
Having to explain, in the Press Room, what she meant by "It came true." (Did you SEE the movie, lady?)

The Life of Pi wins Best Director,  Best Cinematography,  Best VFX.  Thank you, Rhythm & Hues.
Roger Deakins, still winless :-(
Cutting off the VFX guys, just as they were about to speak about Rhythm & Hues :-(
The "Jaws" music
Ang Lee, not talking about the amazing VFX team
Life of Pi's DP not talking about his amazing VFX team
Charlize Theron's hair

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