Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Man, this Dancing stuff Is Hard!

The best was saved for last: Derek Hough's amazing choreography.
It really seems like it's been awhile since we've had "stars" on Dancing with the Stars that have been so inept, so non-dancers, struggling so very much.

It's now Week 2, and the non-dancers are HURTING. A good half of the show was taken up with packages of people bitching and complaining (for various reasons) about how hard this is. Really, you thought learning the foxtrot was gonna be a walk in the park? Do you WATCH this show?

We had Dorothy Hamill who apparently has some kind of cyst which makes it hard for her to walk, let alone dance in heels. We had Victor the boxer, who just didn't know it was so hard. We had Lisa the reality star who was overwhelmed. We had Aly the gymnast who struggled to learn how to smile. We had Wynona (God love her) who can't dance AT ALL, declaring that her sister, Ashley would be more of a handful because "I'm the nice one." :-0  Um, ok.

And worst of all, pouty mess D.L. Hughley, who last week totalled up the dusty paddles that had FOURS on them, from all three judges (overscoring). This week, he bitched and moaned about how hard it is, and there was such "complex choregraphy" and "all those steps." The more-than-generous (and really looking stunning this season, too bad she's going home early) Cheryl Burke, tersely saying to him, finally: "Welcome to the show."

I honestly don't know how these pro dancers put up with these baby messes that pass as celebrities. She gracefully walked out. But, to her credit, came back the next day to train him some more. (They ended up getting the big FIVES across the board this time.)

Let me mince no words here. Both D.L. Hughley and Wynona Judd have two left feet. They cannot dance to save their lives. I truly wish they would both go this week, to put us out of our misery.

So, that was one bit of the show.

Oh, but the other...

Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough do an amazing jazz routine.
Saving the best for last, Derek Hough and his partner, country singer Kellie Pickler wowed us with a breathtaking display of a new dance this season, "jazz." I honestly think that the entry of both "jazz" and "contemporary" came about because the dancers get to do lifts and whatnot that are more visual and eye-catching. It does, however, as the missing Maks said in an interview, "get away from ballroom dancing." Maybe that's part of why he left.

It is kind of a mish-mosh now. Not a "ballroom dance competition" show. More like a "celebration of dance" show.

And, to get back to one of the premier choregraphers on this show now, Derek Hough, I am so grateful he has this "jazz" category in which to paint his vision of dance for us. The elegance and beauty of what he and Kellie did makes suffering through ten DLs and Wynonas worth it. Stunning and amazing.

Aly and Mark do their quickstep. Courtesy of ABC/Dancing with the Stars
They weren't the only ones with dances of majesty. We were also graced with (once again) Val and Zendaya's jive. Great music, great costumes. It's week 2 and some of these folks can genuinely dance. They were a joy to watch.

Mark Ballas is sufficiently whipping gymnast Aly into shape, and getting her to smile. Karina Smirnoff came out with a genuinely snappy dance. Ingo and Kym once again stunned us with talent.

Sharna Burgess and Andy Dick. 
And Andy Dick and the new dancer Sharna did a Mad Hatter routine that was genuinely fun and flavorful. I really loved watching it.

Heck, even the Bachelor and Peta were fun to watch this show (also chose good music).

So, judging by the dances, the first week either kicked people into gear or made them panic about what they had signed up for. (Or both.) All I know is, once DL and Wynona go home, it'll be some really fun dancing ahead of us.

Zendaya and Val, one of the highlights of Week 2. Courtesy of ABC/Dancing With the Stars.


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